Extra small34 inches22 inches13 inches34 inches
Small36 inches23 inches14 inches36 inches
Medium38 inches24 inches15 inches39 inches
Large40 inches25 inches16 inches40 inches
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SizeBustLengthShoulderUnderbustNeckline depth
Small36 inches21 inches14 inches30 inches11 inches
Medium38 inches22 inches15 inches32 inches11 inches
Large40 inches23 inches16 inches34 inches11.5 inches
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SizeBustShoulderArm AroundLengthSleeve Length
Small34 inches13 inches13 inches32 inches17 inches
Medium36 inches14 inches14 inches32 inches17 inches
Large38 inches15 inches15 inches33 inches17 inches
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Lydia (Skirt)

SizeHigh WaistLength
Small28-30 inches26 inches
Medium30-32 inches27 inches
Large32-34 inches28 inches

Mizo (oversized shirt)

Small40 inches15 inches22 inches
Medium42 inches16 inches23 inches
Large44 inches17 inches24 inches

About Thea Attire

Thea Attire is owned and managed by a 22 year old entrepreneur aspiring to turn her love for clothing into a career. We started out with just one individual managing everything and have now grown into a team of 4. Our main goal was to provide employment to local tailors during he pandemic, we are now supporting a team of 2 local, women tailors and hope to expand our team with your help. Our designs are mostly driven by the concept of comfort. Based in Goa, we had to deal with the hot and humid climate of the state and were unable to find cotton clothing that both looked good and were comfortable at the same time. If we did find something that we loved, they were on the pricier side. That's how we to start this venture.
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